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Il Viaggio Travel

Agency offering tours, packages and excursions for differently-abled travellers in Costa Rica. 

We work with all type of disabilities. We even consider accessibility the route for a healthy coexistence. We believe accessibility makes any trip safer and more comfortable and it should be the route for a healthy coexistence.

We create personalized accessible inclusive packages around Costa Rica considering not only people with permanent disabilities but also those that need it like families with babies on strollers or pregnant women or temporary disabilities or seniors or as you say disabilities that are not visible.

In 2013 we first created accessible itineraries for wheelchair users. But right now we are creating tailor made services for all needs. We are right now designing sensory activities and also we are working with a USA specialist so we can promote Costa Rica as a certified Autism destination.

We are pioneers designing and working on the creation of a Tourism for all in Costa Rica.

In the country we do have a law that gives basics. That is what we are mentioned on the interview of Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2021. We inform everyone that YES Costa Rica is working on the accessibility. And yes we do have a law that gives basic facilities. But its not that people can just come and visit it and everything is accessible.

IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL has been working, designing, training the tourism sector for the past 8 years.

Costa Rica Accessible Network has been working with the government on the field since 2017. (we are the founders)
And we have been creating training and accessible rural areas for example we have implemented 4 accessible friendly beaches. And this year we will inaugurate other 3 beaches. Those are the only beaches where you will find amphibian chairs.

IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL has all the equipment so Costa Rica is really accessible. We have the wheelchairs, we have the walkers, we have the joelette, the amphibian chairs, the shower chairs... It means we make it accessible. We not only have the experience and the equipment we believe in it as the founders of the only NGO that works on accessible travel in Costa Rica and we believe on INCLUSION. Everything we do is with people with disabilities. We design with local and international experts on every field.

By inclusion and that we work and create everything with experts.

For example Natalia Vindas is our sales executive and she is not only the only civil engineer with a degree on accessibility in Costa Rica, she is also part of the national team of adapted surf and a wheelchair user.

The sensory activities are being created with our guide Henry who is a biologist and is a blind person.

For the Autism package we are working with Nicole from Magical Storybook Travels from USA, she is a mom of 3 kids with a cognitional condition and a certified agent for autism travel.

Inclusion, Accessibility and Eco-friendly actions

Caractéristiques éco-responsables - Eco-friendly actions - Acciones sostenibles
Recyclage - Recycling , certification / label , Économie d'énergie / eau - Save energy / water - Ahorros de energía / agua
Accessible en fauteuil roulant - Wheelchair accessible - Accesible en silla de ruedas
Oui - Yes - Sí

Contact Information

Addresse / Adress / Dirección
Between 132 and 130 street in 32 avenue, San Miguel, Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica
Téléphone / Phone / Teléfono
Code Postal / Zip Code / Código Postal
Réseaux sociaux / Social Info / Redes sociales



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