Our services, mission and vision

Before talking about our services, it is important to describe our mission and our vision to ensure we reach the right partners. Please read until the end, even if you don’t think you meet our criteria! If you share our values, there is a good chance that you will be part of our address book!

Our Mission

We have a dual mission driven by a single objective: to take care of ourselves while taking care of the planet!

We want to help build a network of professionals around shared values ​​of empathy, sustainability and respect, and expand our movement promoting the health of the planet and its people. We invite professionals who prioritize the well-being of their clients and who want to learn and be the best in their field. Our mission is to support them in this process, to give them visibility, and to help them improve by providing them with information concerning good practices.

Because our mission is to promote sustainability, where the health of both the consumer and the environment is at the heart of the business.

In short, our goal is to create a community of individuals who are inspired to make a positive impact on the planet, its inhabitants and their well-being, because if we take care and respect it, the planet takes good care of us and heals us! (el planeta sana)

  • Our values sustainability

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform that is not only a benchmark for sustainable and inclusive lifestyle, but also a movement around a community of people who share common values ​​such as empathy, respect, well-being and inclusion, and an opportunity for individuals and local businesses to connect with each other.

This way, our readers can make sure that they easily find a website that inspires them and offers them a range of services and products that meet their health and environmental requirements. We also want to celebrate our differences, develop our power of empathy and above all avoid sticking a label on ourselves. Because every person is unique. Therefore, it is important that everyone finds a flexible offer that meets their needs and that professionals have the ability to adapt to those needs.

Our services

We want to help you increase your visibility if you share our philosophy and are ready to improve your capacity for inclusion and environmental protection.

Businesses and brands are not perfect and we don’t wish to force you to do things that are not within your possibilities. But we do want to help you promote all your efforts and suggest further eco-friendly and inclusive goals so that you can constantly improve yourself.
We will create a complete description of your products and services and present it to our committed readers, so that they can discover you, and most importantly become loyal customers and spread the word!

We will also promote you through our newsletter, social media platforms and blog.

We create content about you and all your socio-environmental commitments, about your neighborhood, your city, or your region.
We also mention you in the various media we work with when we have the opportunity.

Finally, we will refer our readers to your own website if you have one, and if do not, we will share all of your details to contact or visit you.
If you have events to promote, we will also help you publicise it through a calendar.

Our services are tailored to adapt to each type of business or independent professional.
We also want to create a B2B network to help you find partners who will provide you with more inclusive, healthier, and more eco-friendly options.

Depending on the efforts you make to adapt to our quality charter, we will grant you a corresponding qualification.

We can also highlight you among all these addresses, in order to be more visible.

Our site is in several languages. You can therefore take advantage of our translations and be discovered by expatriates or travelers staying in your area.

Who are our potential clients?

We offer our services to any type of business or brand that offers products or services that have at least one of the following characteristics:

  • inclusive
  • ethical
  • environmentally friendly
  • accessible

We want to offer all the products and services necessary for a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

We therefore work with:

  • zero waste shops
  • hotels, or eco-friendly, accessible and / or inclusive accommodation
  • inclusive restaurants that cater for different types of diets and / or are responsible with their products (seasonal, local, organic)
  • cafes and bars serving local, organic and / or inclusive products
  • hairdressers, beauty salons, spas using natural products
  • wellness professionals for people with health needs (nutrition, pain management, chronic disease management, etc)
  • orthopedists or any other establishment for people with visible or invisible disabilities
  • organic food shops
  • slow fashion boutiques
  • transport companies that have an eco-friendly and accessible approach
  • responsible tourism professionals
  • architects who help design sustainable habitats
  • local producers
  • booksellers
  • toy stores
  • eco-friendly beauty product brands
  • associations that educate on issues around inclusion, protection of the environment and biodiversity
  • And many others!

We are looking forward to collaborating with you, so please do not hesitate to contact us and be the pioneers of this movement!

Wherever you are, we want to place you on our world map, so that you are one of these professionals committed to this same vision!