Ecology: our causes

This section aims to share our knowledge accumulated over 15 years of researching topics related to ecology and sustainability.

Researching means, among other things: listening to scientists, reading scientific literature, taking courses on these subjects, participating in forums, watching reports that treat these topics deeply.

Ecology: definition

What is the meaning of ecology for us?
It’s a term that means a lot of things: environmental ecology, human ecology, urban ecology, digital ecology, integral ecology, among others…

One term that we tend to think of in opposition to ecology is economics. However, you should know that the term economy comes from the Greek oikonomía, whose etymology therefore refers to “the administration of the house” (from οἰκία / oikía, “house”, and νόμος / nómos, “law”) and that it is therefore necessary to talk about it at the same time as ecology.

The word economy has been reduced to the financial and market aspects, without worrying about the fact that resources are not infinite.

Ecology is therefore a discipline that allows us to live and “organize our home” without depleting or damaging natural resources. And thus avoid all these consequences, such as climate change.

The economy and ecology should therefore work together to better manage our common home: planet Earth.

This is possible thanks to concepts like the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but to which we can also add other Rs like Refuse, Resist! In short, to avoid falling into the trap of over-consumption.

So we focused on the most deleterious aspects of energy. Because it is this energy waste that is responsible for many environmental problems such as air, water and land pollution, or the different types of extractions (mining, oil, forestry, etc.) and its consequences on soils, groundwater tables, air quality and biodiversity.

You will therefore find on this page information on the following topics:

  • Deforestation
  • Plastic pollution
  • Energy waste
  • Our seas and oceans
  • Biodiversity

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We will also add a section on the different courses, videos or books available on ecology-related topics and how to inform you. Indeed, sometimes we can feel like we are making the right choices when there is actually a lot of greenwashing in the process.

Renewable energies are imperfect and sometimes not necessarily the solution. Reducing our energy needs, which some also call degrowth, makes more sense, just to give an example.

So don’t forget to read the blog of Planeta Sana Planet’Mag, as well as our World Travel Able travel blog, which are also focused on these topics.

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