(El) Planeta Sana means “(The) planet heals”.
When you think about it, the most desired thing in life is health.
Good health is usually what we wish for each other on birthdays or for the New Year.

We often take health for granted, but when we lose it, we realize how much it conditions our lives.

And the more time passes, the more we realize we cannot be healthy on an unhealthy planet.
Our environment must be healthy if we are to have a healthy body and mind!

We also realize that over the years, what is bad for the planet is also bad for us and vice versa: what is good for the planet is usually good for us, too.

Ecological disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 show that human activity has consequences on the environment, biodiversity but also on our health …

Many polluting lobbies try to hide the problems they cause to the health of populations threatened by their products or technologies.

Whether it is plastic pollution, intensive agriculture through its use of pesticides, air pollution due to transport which forces entire populations to wear a mask outside, and this well before COVID19!
Also think of intensive farming, vectors of diseases such as bird flu.
And more recently, if we need further confirmation, there is a good chance that the COVID19 pandemic was caused by species living too close to each other – something that would not have happened without the combination of our bad practices and, especially, a significant loss of habitats where these wild species live.

Obviously, we can throw stones at our governments, multinationals, or even associations like Greenpeace sometimes, telling ourselves that they are not doing enough.

While it is important to push our elected governments to act by voting (indeed, without legislation it would be difficult to protect against abuse), as individuals we have the power to make a difference. How? By consciously choosing what we consume and how we live; in short, by trying to reflect our values ​​in our lifestyle.

We should not be deterred by the guilt we may feel when we do things that have a negative impact on the environment, like watching videos that have a high energy consumption footprint, or driving a car because we live far from public transport, or even using diapers for our newborn baby that take 600 years to decompose because we are tired and it just seems easier.

Nobody is perfect. With Planeta Sana, we learn every day and acknowledge we are far from perfection, which by the way does not exist! Especially when we have difficulties, whether on the domestic, financial or health level, we have to be able to adapt our needs to our eco-friendly lifestyle and sometimes we have to find a balance.

Does not being a “purist” prevent us from acting? On the contrary!
If we act together, we will inevitably make a positive impact.
And that can have a snowball effect. Until it reaches the ears of multinationals, who will have to listen to our demands if they want us to continue consuming their products and services.

Planeta Sana is a site that will help you access information, thanks to years of research and experience on environmental health, sustainable tourism, climate change and biodiversity loss.

We want to make all of this information available to you so that you can make the decisions that best suit your values ​​and your lifestyle.

Planeta Sana is also a community.
People like you and me who care about physical, mental and environmental well-being.

We want to exchange the addresses of providers of goods and services and brands, but also associations that share our values.

We want to go further with the creation of the Planeta Sana quality brand, which will bring together professionals with the same vision.

This is what we offer you with Planeta Sana.

Learn more about Planeta Sana’s services, mission and vision.