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Debby’s good veggie food

Debby's a cosy cafe and kitchen workshop that offers vegeterian and vegan pastries, snacks and lunches as well as brunches on Sunday.

It's also suitable for anyone looking for lactose-free, low-sugar and low-gluten options.

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Inclusion, Accessibility and Eco-friendly actions

Caractéristiques éco-responsables - Eco-friendly actions - Acciones sostenibles
Recyclage - Recycling , Km 0 / local, options bio - organic options - Opciones orgánicas
Accessible en fauteuil roulant - Wheelchair accessible - Accesible en silla de ruedas
Oui - Yes - Sí
Options disponibles / available / opciones disponibles
Vegan, Km 0 / local , produits de saison / seasonal products / productos de temporada, végétarien / vegeterian / vegetariano

Contact Information

Addresse / Adress / Dirección
Calle Sant Joan de Malta, 48, Barcelona, Spain
Téléphone / Phone / Teléfono
Code Postal / Zip Code / Código Postal
Réseaux sociaux / Social Info / Redes sociales


Debby’s good veggie food 0 reviews

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